Here are a number of useful links that will provide more information about pension groups, regulators and regulations that are affecting pensioners today.

FSCO – Financial Services Commission of Ontario – Commission des services finaciers de l’Ontario

The Financial Services Commission of Ontario is a regulatory agency of the Ministry of Finance that regulates insurance, pension plans, loan and trust companies, credit unions, caisses populaires, mortgage brokering, and co-operative corporations in Ontario.

The FSCO website can be found here:

Here is a new portal for seniors, it is the new version of the Guide to Programs and Services for Seniors from the Government of Québec:

Also other links for seniors, for the following provinces:

  • Alberta:         
  • BC:                 
  • Manitoba:     
  • New Brunswick: social_development/seniors.html
  • Newfoundland:
  • Ontario:          =1&owner=moh&lang=EN&Search.x=13&Search.y=12
  • Saskatchewan: