Ontario Election 2018 Information

At our last CFP Board Meeting, the Directors approved new communication initiatives for reaching individual members.  The documents we produced set out our our political position in two current advocacy areas: federal BIA changes, and the Ontario election platforms on Pension Guarantees.

The newsletter “Pensioners’ Progress”, is a new initiative from the CFP.  It is intended to provide updates to the Federation’s membership from the CFP on topics of interest or that are current, such as the election. We know that Politicians pay attention to these type of communications and this is a useful addition.

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The Ontario Election Questions document is provided to inform members who might want to grill politicians at meetings or at their front door! Click on the link below to download.

June 7 Ontario Election Questions

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CFP’s Mike Powell Proposes Pension Protections at 2018 Liberal Nat’l Conference

This year’s Liberal 2018 National Convention was held in Halifax April 19-21. An important part of that convention is setting key policy priorities for the Federal Liberals for the next eight years. Protecting pensions in insolvency was one of the many policies proposed that was under consideration. After much debate it was voted in the… Continue Reading

CFP’s Mike Powell Op Ed : Sears shouldn’t be the ‘business story of the year’

The Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP) President, Mike Powell, recently spoke out on the lack of pension protection in federal insolvency legislation across Canada. Mike’s Op Ed, published in the Toronto Star, points out that while there has been a firestorm of interest generated by the way Sears has treated employees and pensioners, Sears should not… Continue Reading

CARP and CFP team up on Campaign to Protect Pensions

CARP, in association with the CFP, has launched a new phone campaign. It’s designed to put pressure on Federal politicians of all Political parties to move to change bankruptcy (BIA/CCAA) rules to better protect pensioners when their sponsors get into financial difficulty and enter into  bankruptcy protection. The CARP campaign provides a quick and easy… Continue Reading

CFP’s Bob Farmer OpEd : Coming changes threaten security of Ontario’s pensioners

CFP’s Past President, Bob Farmer, recently spoke out on the upcoming changes to Ontario’s safety net for pensions and how these changes will not offer much more protection for pensioners with underfunded pensions (such as Sears, Nortel or Stelco) than what is in place today. Bob’s timely OpEd, in today’s Toronto Sun, covers CFP’s novel… Continue Reading

CFP Representatives Discuss Pensions on Zoomer TV

CFPs very own Ken Davids , Pat Mousseau, and Mike Powell made guest appearances on Zoomer TV recently, with a scintillating panel discussion on pension (in)security. After the initial broadcast, the video is now available on the web at the link below. Ken, Mike and Pat make excellent points on the lack of real protections… Continue Reading

CFP Outreach to MPPs on Pension Reform

CFP continues to work on a number of fronts to keep our concerns around Ontario’s Proposed Pension reforms. In addition to Advocacy Day on Oct 17th, CFP has been continuing our outreach to individual MPPs to discuss our issues with the new Reforms. October 4, Bob Farmer, President, CFP, held several informational meetings with a… Continue Reading