About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP) is to actively promote the interests of Canadian pensioners generally and in particular to advocate on behalf of past, present and future Canadian members of defined benefit workplace pension plans whose plans and retirement security are under attack.

The CFP was formed in 2005 in response to concerns by the founding pensioner groups that provincial and federal legislation governing the rights of pensioners during insolvencies provided inadequate protection for the pension promises that were made to them while they were working and on which they rely.

Today, the CFP directly represents over a quarter million retirees through its affiliated retiree associations, and over a million Canadians via the family members who depend on those pensioners for their support.

The CFP currently has 20 member retiree groups from both provincial and federal jurisdictions, whose members have been impacted by some of Canada’s most extensive and highest profile restructurings over the last two decades.

The CFP is a grassroots organization run by members of it’s pension plans associations for the benefit of all pensioners in those plans.

We also advocate with governments, industry and private organizations for changes to regulations and laws to enhance protections for pensions for all Canadians.


Our Member Organizations

Led by our President, Mike Powell, the Canadian Federation of Pensioners has a substantial and active group of organizations as members…

These include:

Air Canada Pionairs

Bell Pensioners’ Group

BellAliant Pensioners Association of Newfoundland and Labrador (BAPANL)

“Catalyst Salaried Employees and Pensioners” [registered name is CSEP Advocacy Association]

CCRetirees Org. (Salaried Retirees of Chrysler Canada)

DIPAC (DuPont Invista Pension Association of Canada)

GENMO Salaried Pensioners Organization

International Association of International Air Transport Association Retirees (IAIR)

KODA Retirees Association/Association Des Retraites KODA (KRA/ARK)

MacMillan Bloedel Weyerhaeuser Salaried Employee Club

MROO (Municipal Retirees Organization Ontario)

Novartis/CIBA Retirees Group

Ontario Northland Pensioners Association (ONPA)  www.onpensioners.org

Police Pensioners Association of Ontario

Regroupement des Employés Retraités White-Birch Stadacona (RERWBS)

Rio Algom Salaried Retirees

SCRG (Sears Store and Catalogue Retiree Group)

Society of Energy Professionals Pensioners Chapter

SSPO (Stelco Salaried Pensioners Organization)

Yellow Pages Pensioners Group   www.yppg-gppj.com

For more information on these groups, or to join the CFP, please email membership@pensioners.ca

Former Members include:

NRPC (Nortel Retirees and former employees Protection Canada) www.nortelpensioners.ca