CFP Meets with Premier Wynne of Ontario to discuss Solvency

On November 17th, several members of the CFP team had a rare chance to meet with Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario to discuss pensioner issues and the upcoming changes to the Solvency Funding rules for Ontario. It was facilitated by Hubert Yan who is a resident in the Premier’s riding.

It was a very productive meeting with Premier with an discussion around the Sovenvcy Funding proposals, with the CFP team offering a concise summary on the issues. Premier Wynne was very engaged and asked a number of thoughtful questions and in the end,  offering to follow up with Finance on the issues raised.

Members of the CFP team meet with Premier Wynne of Ontario on Solvency Funding

Member attending from CFP included, Hubert Yan, Bob Farmer, Past President of the Canadian Federation of Pensioners (CFP), Tony Pompeo, CFP Director and Ken Davids, Sears Retiree, and CFP Director.

All in all a postive meeting and one more step in our program to highlight the issues with the new Solvency Rules that Ontario proposed in May of 2017 and is presently under consideration in committee at Queens Park.

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