FSCO AnnualStakeholder Review

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Once a year, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), holds a Stakeholder Meeting to engage in dialog with various retiree groups on Pensions in Ontario.This year, the meeting was held on March 21st at FSCO’s offices in North York. The meeting was very useful, with an active dialog between FSCO and the pension groups in attendance. 

From the CFP, attendees were Sharon Altman-Leaman (YPPG), Ken Daniels (SCRG), Bill Jones (CFP) and Mike Campbell (NRPC).

A key part of the meeting is for FSCO to provide feedback on progress on stakeholder issues, and this year FSCO reported process on an number of fronts and its intent to continue progress in key areas as the FSCO Mandate review process continues.

CFP provided input on a number of current pension issues, including Solvency Relief, the FSCO Mandate review, Pension Advisory Committees, and overall Retirement Security

FSCO’s CEO, Brian Mills thanked the CFP for its submissions on a number of topics, including the FSCO Mandate review and the PAC consultations.

We’re looking forward to next year’s meeting!



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